Appendix to the Resolution no. 53/2015

Of the Board of MTP sp. z o.o. of 30 November 2015



Regulations of Exhibitor’s Zone website


§ 1

General provisions

1.       These Regulations describe the regulations of providing services by electronic means ordered by customers via the website “Exhibitor’s Zone” and via e-mail.

2.       The “Exhibitor’s Zone” website, available at, hereinafter referred to as the Website is an electronic service offering:

a.       the realization of services ordered separately in a traditional written paper form, connected with participation in an exhibition or any other events organized by Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie sp. z o.o.,

b.      the ordering and an online purchase of exhibition services as well as other services offered at the Website.

3.       Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie sp. z o.o. whose registered office is at ul. Głogowska 14, 60-734 Poznań, registered in the National Court Register (KRS), Poznań District Court - Nowe Miasto i Wilda, 8th NCR Division, registered number KRS 0000202703, taxpayer identification number NIP 777-00-00-488, REGON 004870933 hereinafter referred to as MTP is the Administrator of the Website and the Provider of services.

4.       The definitions used in the Regulations shall have the following meanings:

a.       Regulations – these Regulations,

b.      Website Administrator – shall be liable for the functioning of the Website and providing services for the Website Users; it is the administrator of the resources of the Website and the databases of the Website Users, including the administrator of personal data of the Website Users,

c.       Service Provider– provides services order by the Customers by electronic means via the Website and via e-mail,

d.      Customer – orders services and pays for them; a Customer shall be an exhibitor or a participant of an event organized by MTP or another entity providing services for the exhibitor or the participant of an event organized by MTP excluding natural persons pursuing no business activity. A Customer may also be a legal person or an organizational unit not having legal personality, or a natural person pursuing business activity. A Customer owns a personal account at the Website created by the Website Administrator;

e.      Website User

                                                               i.      a natural person acting on behalf of the Customer and entitled by them to order and purchase items online as well as to carry out other activities by means of the Website, who has been indicated to the Website Administrator / Service Provider in a form submitted and who has access to the Account of the Customer once the Website Administrator has provided the user ID (login), or

                                                             ii.      a natural person acting on behalf of the Customer but not entitled by them to order and purchase items online, who has been indicated to the Website Administrator / Service Provider by the Customer as a contact person,

f.        Customer’s Account – resources of the Website where the following is stored:

                                                               i.      the Customer’s personal data (name, address of the headquarters and mailing address, KRS or CEDIG numbers, NIP / EU VAT numbers, telephones, e-mail addresses, names and surnames of contact persons and persons entitled to represent the Customer or indicated as persons to act on behalf of the Customers who are entitled to order services and conclude contracts,

                                                             ii.      information regarding agreements concluded with MTP so far by means of the Website (e.g. agreements to participate in an exhibition or another event) or orders placed online as well as agreements with the Service Provider concluded by means of the Website or via e-mail,

                                                            iii.      information regarding other activities carried out by the Website User.

g.       Registration of Website Users – a procedure of registration of data which are necessary for setting up a Customer’s Account and granting access to the Customer’s Account; the procedure is described hereinafter in §3 of the Regulations,

h.      Login of a Website User– an e-mail address of the Website User, which has been indicated by the Customer, allowing for identification at the Website;

i.         Password – a unique sequence of signs chosen by the Website User while registering as a Website User, open for modification in the settings of the Customer’s Account, which  is used to log into the Website in order to confirm the Website User’s ID. The Password is confidential and the User shall keep it secret,

j.        Form – a form which if properly filled-in and signed by the Customer (statutory representation or written authorization) and sent to the Website Administrator is a prerequisite for activating the possibility of placing orders for serviced offered at the Website. The form is available at the Website’s homepage.

k.       Service– a service included in the list of services which can be found at the Website, in the “Store” bookmark. The list involves:

                                                               i.      services ordered beforehand in a traditional written form, but carried out by means of the Website;

                                                             ii.      exhibition service offered at the Website;

                                                            iii.      other services offered at the Website.

l.         Basket – a functional element of the Website including information which is necessary prior to placing an order for services offered at the Website, with obligation to pay. The basket involves the following information:    

                                                               i.      a thorough description of the order subject including essential features of services ordered,

                                                             ii.      unit net prices as well as a total net price of serviced ordered (total value),

m.    Agreement – an agreement relating to the realization of a service / services ordered by means of the Website.

5.       Prior to gaining access to the Customer’s Account, the Website User is obliged to get familiar with the contents of the Regulations available at the Website’s homepage.

6.       The Website User may download the contents of the Regulations and print it out any time following the link placed on the Website’s homepage.

7.       The Regulations are also available in the headquarters of MTP.


§ 2

Technical conditions of using the Website


In order to use the Website properly it is necessary:

a.       to be connected to the Internet,

b.      for the Customer to have an e-mail address of the Website User, which they may individually dispose of to the extent necessary to realize the services.


§ 3

Creating an Account and using the Website


1.       It is required to create a Customer’s Account at the Website in order to use it.

2.       The Customer’s Account at the Website is created automatically as a result of registering a Customer as a participant of an exhibition or another event (payer / ordering party or exhibitor). If it was not the case before, the Account is also created automatically as a result of sending a properly filled-in Form.

3.       In order to create a Website User the Customer:

a.       fills in and sends the Form (in a paper written form) to the Website Administrator, accepting the Regulations and expressing their will to conclude agreements of purchasing services by electronic means with the Seller – Website Administrator, as well as indicating Website Users who are entitled to access the data in the Customer’s Account as well as persons entitled to conclude agreements;

b.      indicates contact persons on application forms connected with participating in an exhibition provided that such a Website User shall not be entitled to conclude agreements.

4.       The Website Administrator shall be informed by means of a proper Form about any changes of personal data concerning contact persons and Website Users.

5.       Once a properly-completed Registration Form has been received, the Website Administrator will send, to the address(es) given in the Registration Form, a message to have the authenticity of the data confirmed, including a temporary password which shall be used for the first logging in. The person indicated as a Website User is obliged to accept the Regulations and set a new, confidential Password while logging into the Website for the first time.

6.       The Website User shall be obliged to use the Website in compliance with the law in the territory of Poland, the provisions of the Regulations, as well as general rules applicable to using the Internet and particularly to:

a.       not providing nor posting contents prohibited by the law, such as, for instance, contents promoting violence, libel, or violating the well-being and other law of third parties,

b.      use the Website in a way which shall not disturb the functioning of the Website, particularly by means of using certain kinds of software or hardware.

7.       The Customer and the Website User shall be responsible for maintaining the secrecy of the Login and the Password. The Website User is obliged to immediately notify the Website Administrator about an unauthorized access to the Customer’s Account as well as any other breach of security. The Website Administrator shall not be liable for any damage resulting from the fact that the Website User has not submitted accurate information in that respect as well as from not maintaining the secrecy of the Login and the Password by the Customer or the Website User.

8.        The Website allows the Customers to purchase services connected with participating in an exhibition, such as placing orders, browsing orders placed and accepted, viewing and downloading invoices, downloading invitations, tickets, etc.

9.       The list of services offered by the Seller at the Website is constantly updated by the Website Administrator. The Website Administrator reserves the right to reject a purchase offer placed by the Website User concerning a particular service or services, providing the reasons for such decision.


§ 4

Procedure of concluding a sale agreement


1.       Information on services available at the Website; particularly the descriptions, technical and performance parameters and the prices therein are in the form of invitation for purchasing according to the article 71 of the Polish Civil Code.

2.       In order to conclude the service sale agreement via the Website, the Website User ought to log into the Website at www.strefa-wystawcy.pland select a Service or Services connected with participation in the fair, placing them in the Basket.

3.       While completing the Basket, until submitting it, the Website User is allowed to modify the data inserted.

4.       Once the Website User has placed all necessary information in the Basket and prior to submitting it, all the information necessary to place the order for selected Services including the obligation to pay is displayed. It involves:

a.       a detailed description of the order, including all important features of the Services ordered,

b.      a unit value and a total value of the Services ordered stated in net amounts.

5.       In order to submit the Basket it is necessary to click the button “Submit”

6.       Submitting the Basket constitutes the sending of a purchase offer for the Services placed in the Basket. From that moment, any modifications or withdrawal of the order submitted shall be done by the Website User in the form of contacting the Website Administrator directly (by mail or a phone call).

7.       Once the Basket has been submitted, the Website User shall receive a message concerning the Services included in the Basket, stating information of receiving a purchase offer for particular Services to be realized or of their rejection including the reasons thereof. The moment the Administrator, Service Seller, informs the Website User about accepting the offer to be realized, the sale agreement for a particular Service shall be deemed concluded (art. 61 §2 of the Civil Code).

8.       Information concerning the acceptance of the Services ordered to be realized may also include information on documents, which are necessary to be downloaded by the Website User, which have been prepared for the Customer and which are available in the Account at the Website (such as e.g. confirmation of participation in an exhibition, the pro forma invoice, location plans, an exhibitor’s card, invitations, etc.)


§ 5

Methods of payment


1.       Prices for the Services purchased by means of the Website, provided in the pricelist available at the Website, are given in Polish Zloty (PLN), excluding VAT (net price).

2.       Invoices for the Services realized by the Seller are given to the Customers via the Website Users, by placing them in the Customer’s Account. The Website User shall be informed about the possibility to download the invoices with a separate message.

3.       The Website User is obliged to download the invoices, while the Customer is obliged to transfer the amount within specified period of time to the bank account stated in the invoice. Failure to download the invoices does not discharge the Customer from the obligation to pay the price in the amount and deadline specified in the invoice.


§ 6



1.       The Website Administrator hereby declares to act so as to ensure a correct functioning of the Website in a way that results from the current technical knowledge, and commits itself to remove all irregularities reported by the Website Users within a reasonable period of time.

2.        The Website User is entitled to immediately notify the Website Administrator about any irregularities or intervals in the functioning of the Website:

a.       in writing to: Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie sp. z o.o., Kancelaria, ul. Głogowska 10, 60-734 Poznań – with a note "Portal Wystawcy”,

b.      by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

3.       The Website Administrator hereby undertakes to investigate the complaints submitted within 30 days, and should that be impossible, to provide information about the date for consideration of the complaint.


§ 7

Protection of personal data of Website Users


1.       The personal data of the Website Users shall be processed and secured by the Website Administrator, in compliance with the applicable regulations concerning personal data protection, in particular in compliance with the Act on Personal Data Protection and the Act on Providing Services by electronic means.

2.       The data of the Website Users provided while creating the Customer’s Account connected with accessing the account shall be processed by the Website Administrator/ the Service Provider in order to conclude and realize the agreements or to perform any other legal action with the Customer, or to contact, to the extent essential to refer to and write the content, change or terminate the legal relation between the two parties, or due to nature of the Service provided or the way of its billing.

3.       The Website Administrator is obliged to keep confidential the data of the Website Users.

4.       The Website Administrator takes appropriate technical and organizational measures to safeguard the Website and the data provided to register as the Website Users, protecting it against outside intrusion, theft, damage, or any other unauthorized use by third parties.

5.       In order to perform the services ordered at the Website properly, the Website Administrator – Service Seller (Service Provider) reserves the right to verify the data provided by the Users while registration by checking the veracity of the data available at public registers (e.g. KRS, CEIDG).

6.       The Website Administrator shall not accept the registration if, in the process of setting up their account, the Website User should give the data as data of a private person, meaning a natural person who does not run business, paid, or professional activities.

7.       In case the Website User should not use the Website in accordance with these Regulations or the binding legislation, the Website Administrator reserves the right to process the User’s personal data to the extent necessary to establish his responsibility. The Website Administrator shall inform the User about processing their personal data for these purposes and about their wrongdoing, demanding to cease such actions immediately.


§ 8

Protection of the Service Provider trademarks


Any trademarks used for the presentation of products are used for informational purposes only or for product identification.


§ 9

Final Provisions


1.       The Website Administrator shall make every effort to ensure the Website function continuously. The Administrator provides that there may be intervals in the functioning of the Website, in particular to fix the systems or to perform any other maintenance works, which, where possible, the Administrator shall provide information about at the Website.

2.       The Services are provided by the Administrator / Service Provider via the Website until their suspension or termination by the Administrator. The Administrator is entitled, without the necessity to inform the Website Users, to suspend or terminate the services which were earlier provided by electronic means at the Website Store, provided the rights obtained by the Customers on the basis of a contractual agreement concluded with the Service Provider should be realized.

3.       All disputes that may arise between the Service Provider and the Customers, the amicable solution of which shall turn out impossible, shall be settled by a competent court of general jurisdiction in Poznań.

4.       For the purpose of settling any disputes with foreign contractors, the Polish version of these Regulations shall prevail. The laws of Poland shall be the laws applicable for the interpretation of the provisions of these Regulations.

5.       These Regulations are the regulations for providing electronic services within the meaning of the Act of 18 July 2002 on rendering electronic services. (Journal of Laws of 2013, position 1422, as amended)

6.       All matters not settled herein are decided by the appropriate provisions of the Polish legislation, in particular those of the Civil Code, the Act on Rendering Electronic Services, the Act on Copyrights and Related Rights, the Act on Protection of Personal Data, as well as the provisions of the Regulations for participants of the fair organized by Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie sp. z o.o.

7.       If any provision of these Regulations is declared non-binding by a legally binding court verdict, then it shall be removed of the Regulations and shall not prejudice the validity and the applicability of any other provisions of these Regulations.

8.       These Regulations are valid as of 4 December 2015.