BUDMA International Construction and Architecture Fair has been setting trends for years and is a meeting place for the largest manufacturers and distributors of modern technologies and building materials with trade representatives, architects, contractors and investors in Europe. What else awaits us in BUDMA 2020 agenda?


Presentations, competitions, championships


4 days of the construction fair in Poznań abounds in market premières, product novelties and substantive events addressing the most current issues of the construction industry as well as presentations, competitions and championships. On the second day of the fair all construction engineers have their day with us. Apart from that, numerous conferences, forums and workshops wait for all BUDMA enthusiasts, including the AKO Climate Forum, during which the topics of photovoltaics, thermal insulation or water sources on Earth will be discussed.


Houses of the future


In Hall 7 you it will be possible to participate in the conference "Designing, building and living in a house of the future". What are the houses of the future? What benefits can we derive from their construction? The conference participants will talk about comfort and healthy living conditions, unique design and the natural environment that should be cared for when building the houses of the future. The main item of the Conference will be the panel discussion where five owners of "Houses of the Future" from all over Poland will share their experiences and reflections on the planning, design and construction process and on the life time of their homes.


Live Assemblies


This year, the fifth edition of MONTERIADA also takes place. More than 50 hours of live assemblies, including shows of installation of external doors, HS type balcony doors, internal doors, garage doors, windows in the insulation zone, window guards and the system of window automation and adjustment of fittings in HS joinery. We also do not forget about this year's Polish Championships of Young Roofers, which are at the same time qualifying for the World Championships.


Architecture for pleasure - D&A Forum


On February 5th and 6th BUDMA is accompanied by the D&A Forum for Design and Architecture. It is a two-day platform for meetings of architects and designers with the construction industry, providing a broader context for the activities of these professional groups in a common space. At the Fair Iglica, we will meet these challenges and discuss sustainable architecture in an international and interdisciplinary group of outstanding experts, representatives of different generations of researchers and practitioners in the field of architecture and social sciences. However, this does not mean that we will meet to reaffirm the importance of the issues of ecology, planned urbanisation or social cohesion. Our aim will rather be to search for answers and good examples of effective action in these areas, even if it requires unconventional thinking - broadening the horizons of the imagination in one place and restraint in another. During lectures, debates and workshops, we will thus consider, among others, whether we need to give up pleasure in order to meet the contemporary challenges? How can architecture for pleasure serve public space? How to talk and build in order to attract interest of the wider public in architecture? Does the apartment available have to be worse? How must our thinking about available construction change to help our cities in their further development?