New colours, new motto and a new look at the automotive industry. The most popular automotive event in Poland starts the next chapter of its history. This is our answer to changes in the industry.


Road to electromobility


"Road to electromobility" – is the motto of the next year's edition of Poznan Motor Show. We are witnessing one of the most important changes in the history of the event organized by the MTP Group. Poznan Motor Show, which attracted 146,000 visitors during its last year's edition, becomes an important participant of electromobility revolution in Poland and Central-Eastern Europe.


- As the organizers of Poznan Motor Show 2020, which is one of the most important automotive events in this part of Europe, we are natural participants of the changes taking place in the industry. Therefore, Poznan Motor Show 2020 becomes a platform for the discussion on the future related with electromobility. The discussion will be attended by representatives of business, public administration and fans of the automotive industry. They all will meet during this unique event, not only to know the latest market trends, but also to talk about the revolution in the mobility that we are all witnessing - says Tomasz Kobierski, vice president of the Grupa MTP - We are pleased that as the organizer, we are an important part of the process - he adds.


The changed concept of Poznan Motor Show 2020 is perfectly illustrated by its new motto: "Road to electromobility". This is the first element of a new approach in presenting this event. These changes are accompanied, of course by modified logo and graphic design.


Electromobility closer to the people

The main barrier in the discussion on the electromobility is very often a lack of real experience with electric cars. Many myths are repeated in public or private discussions due to lack of knowledge. Therefore, the main objective of the organizers of Poznan Motor Show 2020 is to introduce the electromobility to the widest group of visitors to the event. - Poznan Motor Show becomes an active participant of the discussion on the mobility future, which is also our educational role. We want to present electromobility by offering a personal experience – explains Łukasz Wołonkiewicz, Director of PMS 2020.


For this purpose, we will prepare dedicated zone 'Poznan Mobility Show' in four exhibition halls - it will be exclusively focused on this issue. It will be a place for well-known experts to present changes and benefits of electromobility in accessible way. In addition, the exhibitors will present the latest solutions to ensure better understanding of future directions and challenges faced by the automotive industry.


MOVE – International Mobility Congress


At the same time, Poznan Motor Show 2020 will host MOVE - Mobility International Congress. This is the third edition of one of the largest conferences focusing on the future mobility. Similarly, as in previous years, the participants will discuss the electromobility, autonomy of vehicles, the future of communication in urban areas, etc. The schedule of this two-day event (March 26-27) will include many lectures and talks on the changes taking place in the automotive world. The meeting will be attended by representatives of public administration, local governments, energy and fuel industries, universities and media. Another group of guests will include of course representatives of companies manufacturing cars, trucks and buses. This is undoubtedly one of the most important events in Poland dedicated to the future of the automotive industry and mobility. The congress is co-organized by the Polish Alternative Fuels Association (PSPA), which is a member of Avere.


Volkswagen Group Polska drives electromobility revolution at Poznan Motor Show


The group of our exhibitors will include top automotive brands. One of them will be the Volkswagen Group, which will its latest electric vehicles - "Automotive companies use new channels of communication, as customers are increasingly looking for information about cars online, which reduces the popularity of the largest automotive trade fair in recent years. In the virtual world, however, you can not experience the emotions offered by direct contact with the car, which are extremely important in the context of changing automotive industry. Volkswagen Group Poland, as the leader of the automotive market in Poland, will take part in Poznan Motor Show 2020 to present its electric cars that will set the future trends" - explains Tomasz Tonder, Director of PR & Corporate Affairs Volkswagen Group Polska.