The biggest fashion festival that takes place twice a year in Poland is a great opportunity for people from the fashion industry to get to know the offers of entrepreneurs for the spring/summer season of 2020 and the autumn/winter season of 2019/2020.


This time the offer will be extended by ecological fashion, whereas during the Congress of Professionals subjects including eco-friendly materials, such as pineapple skin and organic cotton, 3D printing and virtual dressing room will be discussed.


On 27-28 August 2019 at the MTP Poznań Expo another edition of the Poznań Fashion Fair will take place. In the high-profile Poznań Congress Center pavilion, stands of the best Polish and foreign brands will be located. Thanks to the extensive cooperation with foreign brands, the festival famous for its business nature allows you to get familiar with the latest trends for women, as well as men. Accessories and leather goods will not be missing. The fair will aim at numerous contractings and the range of attractions will be diversified by Congress of Professionals, Polish Fashion Gala and trade shows.


Fashion industry is developing at a fast pace and great fashion houses draw inspiration from the dominant street fashion. Almost 30% of people in our country declare that they reach for projects of Polish designers. It has a favourable effect on our economy and pleases the native craftsmen that label their collections ”MADE IN POLAND”. Purchasing tendencies in Poland are at a relatively reasonable level. According to statistics, every year Poles spend around 2200 PLN on clothes, of which around 700 PLN are spent solely on shoes. There is a reason for saying that shoes are the second (after clothing) most important segment of fashion in the European retail industry. It is not hard to guess that women shop more frequently, although this tendency has been changing lately.


Poznań Fashion Fair is mainly aimed at managers of shops, designers and representatives of the industry’s media, organizations, wholesalers, fashion photographers, illustrators, influencers and students of fashion schools.


Poznań Fashion Fair has been deemed the most important fashion festival in Poland for years. Poznań is the ideal place linking Western and Eastern Europe, where fashion gets a new meaning. The event is accompanied with fashion shows and thematic workshops that allow the participants to expand their knowledge on tools and methods of working effectively in the fashion industry. The purpose of this event has always been to promote trends and diversity of the industry. All participants of the fair have a unique opportunity to meet creators of fashion projects, conclude a commercial agreement or take a closer look at the most fashionable fabrics, colors and styles.


Ecological fashion


During the autumn edition, the Poznań Fashion Fair will slightly broaden its offer. This time among the exhibitors, the issue of ecology and sustainable development in the fashion industry will be discussed.

Brands are raising more and more awareness in terms of environmental protection, perceiving it more comprehensively and not limiting themselves to just using eco-friendly materials. According to a research conducted by KPMG, in Poland over 8% of consumers pay attention to the social responsibility of a brand during shopping. Although it is a small number, it is growing each year!


The priority is, above all, eco-friendly fabrics. Despite organic cotton, manufacturers take a step further and reach for modern technology solutions. Polyester fibers that are created as a result of crumbling bottles, cutlery or trays are more and more commonly used. Later they are used in connection with cotton fibers to produce, for instance, jeans. The fashion industry surprised even more when new fabrics from pineapple skin, coconut shell or even bicycle tire started being used. It turns out that impossible things do not exist! Collections made from recycling products are more and more frequently filling the catwalks, showrooms and shop shelves all around the world. Being eco is simply trendy!


A comprehensive approach to ecology in the fashion industry also means another efforts going beyond production. It also includes shopping in online stores, from which the ordered products come in packagings made from recycling products. Similar efforts, even though less frequent, are observed in stationary shops.


Congress of Professionals


During this year’s edition of the Poznań Fashion Fair, the second edition of a special debate entirely devoted to fashion in various aspects, such as modern technology, e-commerce and ecology will take place.

In order to raise awareness in terms of ecology and delve into its subject even more, part of the Congress of Professionals will be devoted to this branch. The experts will present their views, experience and insight concerning sustainable development.


One of the speakers will be an alumna of Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Zuzanna Wójcik, whose diploma collection that used 3D printing – SUPERNATURE has been noticed by Vogue itself. Wójcik’s projects are the fashion of future. She will be talking about machines that she used to prepare prefabricated components complementing collections, as well as fabrics made from banana peel, bamboo, eucalyptus, lotus, linen, organic cotton, silk and a special material made from waste remaining after the production of diary.


There is more and more talk about virtual dressing rooms that the Wearfits company will be talking about. A Danish brand, The Fabricant, has just recently sold a dress that did not exist yet by the use of virtual dressing room for a staggering 10 thousand dollars. It turns out that perfectly selected clothes online are the future that can revolutionize the fashion market. It will also allow us to save a lot of time that we spend standing in queues to dressing rooms.


Polish Fashion Gala


After the first day of business contracting, there will be a formal industry evening, in which manufacturers, designers displaying their collections at Poznań Fashion Fair and their most loyal clients will participate. Together they will be admiring models that will present the latest trends, often from premiere collections, accompanied by live music. On the next day during trade shows you will be able to see creations of other brands and art school students’ projects.