146 718 visitors, 170 exhibitors in 5 salons and 15 pavilions, over 1000 vehicles - this is what the Poznan Motor Show 2019 looked like. A total of 60 premier cars, including concept cars, were shown.


For many years Poznan Motor Show has been not only an automotive exhibition, but also a series of accompanying events and attractions prepared so that every guest of the MTP Poznan Expo will spend here fantastic and family time. Exhibitors also took care of visitors and offered them various attractions, such as driving a car in virtual reality on a VR device and the opportunity to participate in racing electric cars controlled on the basis of read brain waves, there was also a simulation of rollovers or test drives.


Meetings with stars is one of those elements without which Poznań Motor Show would not be complete. Thanks to the TVN Turbo crew, you could meet Kuba Bielak, Adam Kornacki, Dagmara Kowalczyk, Grzegorz Duda, and Krystian Plato. In turn, the Videobloger Arena gathered well-known YouTuber and influencers of the automotive industry. There were also the fastest Polish racers on racetracks in Poland and around the world, namely Gosia Rdest, Patryk Pachura, Ścigacz, Motobanda and Kickster.


This year's event was held under the motto of Mobility of Tomorrow. In addition to the place for the presentation of autonomous, conceptual, electronic, hybrid and hydrogen powered cars, it created a space for substantive debate. For the second time at the Poznań Motor Show, there was a two-day Move Congress addressed to public administration, local governments, scientists and industry associated with the idea of alternative fuels. The conference was honored by the  presence of Minister of Energy - Krzysztof Tchórzewski, President of Poznań Jacek Jaśkowiak, prof. Zdzisław Krasnodębski and Krzysztof Hołowczyc.


In parallel with the Poznań Motor Show Alternative Fuels Technology fair was held, which is addressed primarily to producers and distributors of LPG, CNG, LNG installations, fuel tanks, technological solutions, refueling station equipment, as well as professionals involved in fuel transport and workshop equipment . Among the exhibitors there were industry leaders including from Poland, Italy and Turkey. During the trade fair exhibition, visitors could see cars that used modern solutions to supply alternative fuels. These included: GMC Sierra, SEAT ATECA, MAZDA 6, Renault Megane, LANDIRENZO, FORD MONDEO 1 and Kia Ceed.


And for those who can not wait for the next premieres, bold and futuristic concepts and the next alternative vehicles, we invite you next year. Poznań Motor Show - the largest automotive trade fair in Central Europe as early as March 26-29, 2020.