The 3rd Congress of Leaders of the Gardening Industry, workshops for landscape architects, the 13th edition of the “Urgan Garden Art”, an inspiring meeting with people from the horticultural industry, international audience, a rich exhibition of gardening innovations for the 2019 season, new version of the “GARDENIA GRAND PRIX” − this is a brief description of the upcoming thirteenth edition of the International Fair of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture GARDENIA, which on 21-23 February 2019 will be held in Poznan.


For many lovers of greenery, the garden is a reflection of their personality. Nowadays household space has to be not only useful, but also stylish. As a result, owners of gardens are increasingly willing to reach for modern lighting, innovative inventions, multifunctional furniture and tools that not only facilitate the work in the garden, but also increase its aesthetic appeal. Today the gardening market clearly goes in the direction of products that allow gardeners to achieve excellent results in gardening work, and even impress the neighbors. New products in terms of machinery, equipment and gardening products and plants, as well as trends in the effective use of even the smallest green spaces, will be seen in February at the GARDENIA Fair.


Gardenia is a great place for business


− The GARDENIA Fair is primarily long history, which for years we have co-created with the entire horticultural industry − stresses Jakub Patelka, Project Director. − Every year we strive to ensure that the event is attended by people with 'green' blood in their veins − he adds. This will also be the case in 2019. Most of the major producers, importers, wholesalers, nurserymen, owners of shops and garden centers in the horticultural industry will meet on 21-23 February in Poznan. GARDENIA Fair participants will also be representatives of trading networks from both Poland and Europe. The first two days are dedicated to professionals and have a strictly business nature. The third day will be open to the public.


− GARDENIA will once again become the best place for business talks and establishing new contacts − explains Jakub Patelka. − As in previous years, they also fulfill the role of a platform of sharing knowledge and experience, drawing inspiration and gaining new practical skills − he adds.


Growing attendance


Preparations for next year's edition of the GARDENIA Fair entered into the hottest phase. The deadline for applications expired at the end of October, ending in booking 80% of the exhibition space. − Analyzing the preparations for this year's event we can confidently say that last year's result has been repeated. For many major companies in the horticultural industry participation in the GARDENIA Fair is mandatory. We expect the participation of most of the industry leaders, who as in previous years will take part in GARDENIA − explains Jakub Patelka. 


The fair will be attended by other smaller companies known in the gardening market. In this place it is worth noting that GARDENIA is accompanied by two other events. These are the Special Days Fair of Christmas and Occasional Products and Sport Invest Sport and Leisure Industry Fair. The entire fair block in 2019 will cover the surface of 9 exhibition halls. Extensive exhibition in the field of horticulture, floral and decorative articles, as well as products in the sports and recreation industry will be available in halls 5, 5A, 5G, 6, 7, 7A, 8, 8A and 15. The entire GARDENIA exhibition will be divided into three main thematic blocks. The first one includes products, machinery, devices, tools and gardening equipment, as well as peat, substrates, gardening chemicals and seed material. The second one concerns plant material supporting the crops, irrigation systems and waterholes. The third thematic block deals with small garden architecture, garden barbecues and clothing. As in previous years, one of the exhibition halls will also host a garden sale. Each of the above zones will feature market premieres, which are based on an analysis of trends and customer needs.


International contacts


Acquiring new customers is the main goal for companies participating in the fair. To satisfy representatives of the horticultural industry, the organizers develop the Hosted Buyers program, which aims to provide exhibitors with assistance in establishing new relationships. − Through the Hosted Buyers program fair participants can count on attracting new customers, which creates favorable conditions for conducting business talks − says Jakub Patelka. The organizers provide persons participating in the program with airfare, hotel accommodation and transportation to the GARDENIA Fair. − We also take care for the visiting program adapted to each participant − he adds. Through the Hosted Buyers program, GARDENIA will be visited by managers from all over Europe, especially from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belarus, Ukraine, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. The program is primarily addressed to Polish manufacturers and is developing very dynamically. − In the GARDENIA Fair in 2018 it was used by nearly 80 merchants. Their number in the 2019 edition will exceed 100 − concludes Jakub Patelka.


GARDENIA GRAND PRIX in new version


Competition for plants − Gardenia Grand Prix, which accompanies the GARDENIA Fair, in this edition has gained a completely new look. − The voting method has not changed. We will continue to reward the best plants according to the Jury, votes cast by Visitors and Internet users. However, in addition to the standard award given on the stage, the winners will receive graphic medals. Their use in online and printed materials will emphasize the distinction among a much wider audience than the one present at the Gardenia − explains Agata Plewa, Visitors Attendant. 

− An exhibitor submitting its plants in the contest gains promotion in various fields and a recognizable sign that can accompany it throughout the year − he adds.


Reach for prestige and additional benefits


Exhibitors who have confirmed their participation in the GARDENIA Fair and whose portfolios include innovative gardening solutions made based on the highest technologies and unique recipes that beat the competition in terms of quality should submit their products to the competition for the MTP Gold Medal. The winners will receive a prestigious award. The award-winning products will be included in the electronic and print trade fair media. The list of winners will also be published on the website, and The winners may also count on visual identification elements, making them more visible during the GARDENIA Fair. − You really should take advantage of the benefits of the prestigious MTP Gold Medal and increase promotional activities for the company − points out Jakub Patelka. The deadline for submissions for the competition is 4 January 2019. Participation in the competition can be confirmed by logging in to the site


New products at GARDENIA


Loved by all urban greenery is not just parks, lawns, but also small greens, botanical gardens or allotments, small and large flowerbeds, or street greenery, which has been so popular in recent years. Recent trends in urban greenery also will be reflected during GARDENIA in specially arranged demonstration areas, which will provide much inspiration. Special workshops for landscape architects will also add variety to the Fair. The hortitherapy conference also promises to be interesting.


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